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You get the highest partner remuneration in the CPS plan if all requirements are met — $50 for each client (referral), as well as 10% from your sub partner's income.

Affiliate Forex program "CPS"

For every referral as well as sub partner multi level CPS affiliate program offers very high remuneration.

Sub-partner + 10%
Sub partner is actually the affiliate program’s participant who used the affiliate link of the partner.

Referral + 50%
Referral is a new client who followed the referral link of the partner and started trading in the forex market.

Major advantages:

  • By generating a CPS campaign, TTS Markets partner offers himself with huge remuneration, provided that each and every condition is met (50$ per client).
  • Reward of 10% of the subpartner's profits, included in all affiliate programs of TTS Markets.

How it works

A trader must follow the personal affiliate link to the official website of TTS Markets, create a profile and open an account with a deposit of at least $100. Once the referral has made 50 transactions, the account of the CPS-partner will automatically be credited as cash reward with $50.

Referral immediately becomes the sub partner for the partner as soon as he registers in the affiliate program and this in turn gives the partner an additional income of 10% as the commission of sub partner:

Multiple-level system

Apart from clients, a sub partner can bring his own sub partner. Therefore CPs partner receives remuneration for activities done by referrals and sub partner’s referrals also the partner. All commission fees payment and mutual payments are done automatically.

With the help of the CPS partner program know how to get $2000.


  • Minimum transaction value: 100$ (either deposit/withdrawal)
  • Minimum balance to maintain: 100$
  • For each transaction, you will get 1$
For Example

Let us suppose that you have attracted 35 clients.

30 of them have opened trading accounts of any type with the deposit of $100, and each of them has made 50 transactions.

Then your income will be 30 × $50 = $1,500.


For Example

Five clients open affiliate accounts and work as sub-partners, under the Revenue Share program. Their clients trade 500 lots on EUR/USD.

Then your income will be 10% of (500 × $10) = $500

If you're participating in both promotion program your gross income will be sum of 1,500 +500 = 2000

New referal commission program

Level 1



Earn on the go, Be the sub-partner

Level 2



Earn on the go, Be the sub-partner
Your total monthly income



The Affiliate Agreement sets out the criteria for participation in our affiliate programmes.

Internet promotion methods

Your own site

TTS Markets will surely provide you with the best promotional materials in order to boost the traffic, you are required to post attractive and informative information on your own website.


You can easily promote the affiliate link through blogs as this is the one of the best platforms to be promoted.

Social network

You can easily advertise the services given by you in various social platforms: repost the advertising information and comment on messages in groups.


You will be able to promote your own affiliate link and also get to produce your own posts in a way you would want to by choosing the right target audience.

Video- and audio-hosting

Results actually won’t take longer if your affiliate link unnoticeably appears in description of a popular video or might be in the video itself.

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