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Choosing your account currency

Account currency, your trading account is the currency of your balance.

TTS Markets offers more than 50 currency account options.

Anywhere globally you can store funds in any currency you choose, and make deposits or withdrawals. If your funds are stored in the same currency as most of your deposits and withdrawals you can find it easier to monitor your trading account balance.

Things to keep in mind when choosing the account currency.


In selecting a specific currency the first thing to remember is the ease of depositing and withdrawing.

Preservation of capital

Any changes in currency exchange rate will impact the amount you have deposited to your account. Concentrate on the value of the currency you select.

TTS Markets Metal-currency accounts for
capital protection is the safest option.

Metal-currency accounts

Such negative economic factors are a safe way to protect your funds during financial uncertainty.

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum

When you make a deposit to this type of account, your funds are converted into the nominal currency of your chosen "portfolio."

What is a metal-currency account?

Metal currency account is essentially a portfolio of assets that consists of one or more precious metals or currencies. Simply distributing funds among metals and currencies may protect your capital from price fluctuation risk. So if the price of a metal or a currency drops then in this situation your loss will be balanced by higher prices for the other elements in your portfolio.

Advantages of metal-currency accounts


At TTS Markets metal-currency accounts have no minimum deposit.

Risk diversification

By sharing it among multiple financial instruments, the capital is preserved.

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