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Round #0101-November-2019 - 01-December-2019

Ranking Name Account Country Balance Equity Profitability Prize
Ranking Name Account Country Profitability Prize

Frequently asked questions about the contest

How does it work?

The trading contest will be held every month. Clients can also register to participate in the contest when it is already running. Every month the top 30 most profitable traders will win prizes. Total prize fund 3095 USD.

Criteria: Profitability percentage in the month.

P = (Equity - Balance_start) / Balance_start * 100 (%), where:

Equity – current account’s equity;

Balance_start – initial account’s balance ($5000).

Who can participate?

All clients can participate except the clients from the USA, Japan, Israel and EU countries. All you need to do is register for the contest in the Trader Room and you are ready to compete!

Which account types are allowed to compete?

To participate in the contest you will need to do is register for the contest in the Dashboard

  • TTS Markets demo trading account with democontest account type is only allowed for contest.
How many winners will there be in each round?

Each trading contest round will have 30 winners.

Is there a participation fee?

All clients who had done their verification can enter the contest for free, without an entry fee. Every client can participate in many contest round as they want and according to the Terms and Conditions.

How do I claim my prize?

Money prize will be credited to a client’s real account, opened right after participation in the contest, within three working days after the request has been sent

Can I enter the contest with more than one accounts?

No, clients can enter the contest with only one contest account of that month.

Terms and conditions

1. Registration, participation terms, contest period

1.1 The STAR TRADER contest takes place every month, from the first of each month at 00:00:01 till the last of the month at 23:59:59, according to the server time GMT +1 (as indicated on the trading platform).

1.2 All participants commit themselves to provide true information when registering for the contest.

1.3 The clients from the USA, Japan, Israel and EU countries may not participate in this demo contest.

1.4 When registering for the contest, a participant accepts all limitations and rules related to the contest. In the event of non-compliance with the contest rules, the Organizer, acting through the TTS Markets company, may disqualify a participant in the course of the contest.

1.5 In case either attempts of entering the contest from several trading accounts/profiles or the fact of using anonymizers are found out, a participant will be disqualified.

1.6 In order to participate in the STAR TRADER demo contest, a client needs to fully verify his/her Personal Profile and register for the contest on this page.

1.7 When registering on the site, a participant needs to fill in the fields of the registration form above and specify his/her email (login from the Client Profile) and a nickname to be displayed in the ranking of the demo contest STAR TRADER.

1.8 Any TTS Markets’s profile holder may participate in the STAR TRADER demo contest once a month. One individual may register for each current contest only once.

1.9 After the registration form is filled in, a contest demo-account with a unique login number and password will be opened for a participant. These details will be sent to the email-address indicated when registering for the contest.

1.10 The registration for a new contest stage is open as soon as the previous contest stage starts.


2. Terms of trading

2.1 Type of account: DEMOCONTEST.

2.2 Initial balance: 5000 (the same for all participants).

2.3 Leverage: 1:100.

2.4 Trading tools: any tool provided by TTS MARKETS.

2.5 A participant may use trading experts and trading strategies without any restrictions provided that the terms of TTS Markkets’s effective TTS Markets’s "Client Agreement" are respected.

2.6 All transactions must be closed before the contest finishes. Should there be any open transactions at the moment when the context finishes, they will be automatically closed at a current market price. The presence of open transactions at the moment when the contest ends does not entail disqualification.

2.7 Other terms of trading on contest demo accounts correspond to the terms of trading on live trading accounts in accordance with TTS Market’s "Client Agreement".

2.8 TTS Markets reserves the right to refuse registration or/and disqualify a participant without providing a reason thereof. The reasons for disqualification can be the following

  • - Violation or non-observance of the "Client Agreement";
  • - Registration of several contest accounts by the same physical person or the presence of several client profiles belonging to the same physical person;
  • - Opening of opposite trades of big volume at almost the same time and using the same pairs;
  • - Use of quotes flow failures to make guaranteed profits;
  • - Presence of contest transactions, including lock trades, whose duration is less than 2 minutes;
  • - Ascertainment or suspicion that a Participant has committed any kind of fraudulent action for being listed among the winners.


3. Winners determination and prizes getting

3.1 The first 30 participants with the best Profitability ratio by the end of the contest will be considered as winners of the TTS Markets «STAR TRADER» demo-contest. The final results will be formed within 3 working days after the end of the contest, as soon as they are checked by the security and risk-management departments.

3.2 Only those participants who have been actively trading during the contest period and have increased their initial deposits without breaking the contest rules can be regarded as winners.

3.3 The Participants who have gained prize-winning places from the first to the thirtieth according to the paragraph 3.1 receive money on their TTS Markets live trading account; depending on the place, sums vary as follows:

RankPrize sum, $
RankPrize sum, $
RankPrize sum, $


3.4 In case two contest participants have the same balance value following the results of the demo contest STAR TRADER, the TTS Markets, as the contest organizer, shall decide between them, giving preference to the participant with the most active trading shown over the contest period.

3.5 The winners on the TOP 30 final list shall:

  • - make sure that their client profiles are fully confirmed according to TTS Markets’s requirements;
  • - open a trading account in the Trading system;
  • - send an email from the address specified when registering for the contest to