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Introducing Broker (IB)

To increase their participation award TTS Markets Introducing broker (IB) may form. Notify customers about our profitable situations, your Partner link invite you to register them by using the trading account and additional income gain.

TTS Markets

Sign-up & introduce new clients to get best IB commission rates: Classic account $10 per lot , PRO & VIP accounts $2 per lot.

From traders you attract

  • Up to $10 from spread share on EUR/USD per lot from first level partners

  • 16.7% from second level partners

  • 5.6% from third level partners

Cashback for your clients

Reward your clients and motivate them to trade more actively with cashback (auto-rebate) service. Find out more about it and set up in your Partner Room’s Partner Program Settings section.

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Instant commissions payouts

Commissions you earn are paid to your account hourly (spread) and daily (copy commission). You can track them by logging into your Partner Room’s Partner Income section.

See your income

Marketing materials and seminars

We ensure you are fully equipped with customized marketing and training materials for your clients. We also design and conduct training sessions for our partners and their clients all around the world.

Partner's Marketing Portal

No limit on commissions per client

We offer unlimited earning potential, which means that there are no restrictions on how much you can earn per client. As long as your clients continue to use our services, they will keep generating commissions for you.

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The prime broker will make up more customers,
the greater is his income

How to become an Introducing Broker (IB)?

IB to post, you need to develop its partnership with the company: You have made a large number of active customer must sign-up and you should try to get more, leading to improved service broker TTS Markets may propose new ideas, can participate in special research and work with the company on various websites about traders could explain.

Submit an application to become an Introducing Broker

Additional information for IB

TTS Markets following major broker may receive promotional materials:

Standard TTS Markets banner for your website and informer ( "Quotes", "News", and "Exchange"). Additional requests, we have partners own logo, full-screen banners, and other elements of corporate style in electronic format can provide.

One-of-a-kind partner rewards

Reward is credited regardless of the volume of transactions

Instant withdrawals

There is no limit on how much reward you can earn

Certain types Partnership Award

Detailed statistics

Awards range of sizes Auto-referral activity is detected, ie the major brokerage trading operations executed on the trading accounts for whom the award is received by the principal broker, as may be determined by direct or indirect evidence itself is controlled, the size of the major broker award, based on the company's discretion, will be reduced to 0%. It is necessary that no major broker when using auto-referral schemes actually their primary task - to customers who sign up fails.

If a spread price (starting price spread or spread termination) of the spread value is more than 30%, the average spread calculated, rather than spread low spread is increased from 30%. The award of major brokerage trading account currency unit is less than 0.01 or a sign-up the customer's account has a negative balance after the transaction is completed, it is not stored.