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MetaTrader 5

MetaQuotes Software Corp's 5th generation of the trading platform MetaTrader 5 is a modified version. The terminal interface has been refined and developers have improved its productivity and performance. The platform has been expanded feature set.

TTS Markets

New capabilities in forex trading

Financial instruments
MetaTrader 5 trading stocks and options supports.
Order types
Added two new types of pending orders: Buy Stop Limit and Sell Stop Limit.
Execution policy
When you trade in the stock market can set additional conditions: Fill or Kill (FOK), Immediate or Kill (IOK).
Order book
The terminal supports Level 2 quotes, which makes it possible to analyze market depth.
The development environment can be launched directly from the terminal, and the new program will automatically appear in MetaTrader 5.
MetaQuotes Language 5
Several limitations of MQL5 new language was abolished and many functions and graphical objects have moved.
No more hedging
Forex MT5 developers have withdrawn its ability to hedge positions.
All charts are created based on one-minute intervals, with 21 time-limits to be used and stored as expressions to allow brief history.
The terminal Android operating system is available for iPhone and mobile devices. Please note that forex trading on real accounts is only possible using MetaTrader 5.