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TTS Partner

TTS Markets provides a unique opportunity to work with the leaders of the forex market. The partner program entitles a partner to receive a 75% reward for each transaction performed by signed-up clients.

TTS Markets

No special registration required

All customers can participate without any extra work. When you register the trading account, you have a partner link is given.

Additional income

All you through your specific partner link to register new customers and invite you each up to 25% on all transactions performed by the customer, the average spread on a path to achieve become.

How to increase your reward

Depending on your performance as partners, we invite you to personalize situations can increase your partner award for TTS Markets forex introducing broker (IB), as can the possibility of new partnerships .

One-of-a-kind partner rewards

Reward is credited regardless of the volume of transactions

Instant withdrawals

There is no limit on how much reward you can earn

Certain types Partnership Award

Detailed statistics

How does your partnership network partner TTS Markets

Partners can earn extra money without personal expense.

To attract new customers, partner links published on the Internet should be your partner. Forex trading dedicated to the topical forums, educational portals, and a wide variety of websites such as blogs, should be included. The more websites link to your partner will enter the participant, the better the results. Forex Forum visitors about the benefits of our communicating correctly and well, the number of accounts opened using your link partners increases, thus increasing potential partner award. Create your own personal website or blog, and are encouraged to actively use. TTS Markets partner merchants answer questions and useful informative content to publish their own website can use.

Partner awards are calculated?

We calculate the participant sign-up rewards of the customer's account on the basis of the type and the associated financial instrument.

TTS Markets by contacting you by email at the following address with any questions related to participation can answer: [email protected] .