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Historical Data

TTS Markets historical data helps you keep record of the data relevant to an instrument or may be pairs. This particular data could be either volume data, price data or could be both.

You can download historical data in the following way:

  • Open your MT5
  • Tools -> History Center
  • Pick the currency pair you want, and click Download
  • Now all the timeframes for the selected currency pairs will be downloaded.

NOTE: You can download historical data from MetaQuotes server this way.

You can purchase an Expert Adviser, subscribe to a newsletter, or download a MetaTrader5 book directly. MT5 is the market which has the widest store of free or paid indicators, magazines and financial books.

Your trading possibilities are endless:

  • Wide range of products classified into categories.
  • All relevant product details including screenshots and user reviews are available.
  • Opportunity to check products before purchasing them-every software has demo versions
  • Preview of first pages for magazines and books are available therefore you can access them easily.
  • Rent products for months to a year
  • Through the MQL5 community payment system now secure your payments.
  • You can activate the product on a minimum of 4 devices.
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