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Advantages of partnering with TTS Markets

Certain types Partnership Award

The percentage of the spread or your customer receives a certain amount of the transaction.

Regardless of the amount of the prize transaction is deposited

Instead of the full consequences of the transaction, your sign-up performed by the clients receive the award from the transaction.

Quick withdrawal

Currently, approximately 98% of all our financial department of drawings without the intervention of specialists is performed in a few seconds.

Special offer for each participant

Partnership is offering you personalized situations that were chosen for the special characteristics of the partner program are fixed.

Detailed statistics

You have access to information about the partner reward you receive from your clients' transactions.

Here there is no limit to earn the award:

  • Minimum or maximum withdrawal amount at any time without any restrictions to withdraw their prize;
  • There is no limit to the time of the transaction;
  • Deposit and withdraw the amount of the prize depends on the calculation of trading volume, and not on the amount of customer deposits.
  • There are no limits on how much reward you can withdraw per day/week/month;
  • Based on the number of customers sign up here there is no limit to the amount of the award;
  • Any transaction between the initial and final value is a minimum interval.