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Regional Manager

Through the Regional Manager program you get an opportunity where in your own region you can represent the company and can also manage your local office there.

Get a chance to become TTS Markets Regional Manager

It’s a wonderful opportunity for you. Get a chance to open TTS Markets office in your own city henceforth earn a good income by managing TTS Markets office in your region.

Regional Manager's income

Income earned from regular affiliate remuneration is up to $15 from each referral trade and 10% from sub-affiliate profits and other payments, the amount being shared with the partner individually.

How it works

  1. Apply for program participation.
  2. Now register yourself for partnership with TTS Markets.
  3. TTS Markets service needs to be promoted by you in your region.
  4. Now get the remuneration of the agent.
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*The Affiliate Agreement sets out all conditions of participation in our affiliate programs.

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