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An adept trader should always contemplate company's trading conditions, verify if the operations of a company adheres to the rules and regulations of a relevant country while meeting the internationally recognised financial standards. An ace trader considers all these circumstances while choosing a company for long term selection in order to protect the fund of the clients.

How are my funds held with TTS Markets?

When you fund your trading account with TTS Markets your funds are paid into a segregated client bank account, held with HSBC Bank. HSBC Bank is a major London, United Kingdom bank. TTS Markets cannot use client funds for any business purpose, they are kept on trust for clients and segregated from the business, however client money can be used to maintain margin that is needed to cover positions opened by clients.

Bank Accounts in Tier-1 Banks

All client funds are deposited into client segregated accounts held with top-tier banks.

Client Money Handling

TTS Markets client funds, are introduced and monitored according to strict customer financial rules dispersed, and no effort to maintain the integrity of money being traded on our platform is spared. * All customers free margin is held in trust, including Australia's largest bank accounts with top tier banks, Commonwealth Bank and National Australia Bank are different from our own operating funds. Our finance team in client assets and liabilities in accordance with regulatory guidelines, daily reconciliation.

*Free use as margin in margin requirements for open positions no amount of money. For example, you have equity in your account and the total margin requirement of $ 1000 $ 250 $ 750 are free margin.

Data Protection

TTS Markets privacy and security measures with maximum care is dedicated to protecting your personal and financial information. We leading security software and systems and procedures in place to protect your information has strict employment.

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