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VPS Hosting

At TTS Markets, we give our customers the VPS hosting facilities where they can literally connect and function in a remote terminal just as they trade from the PCs.

TTS Markets

Advantages of using VPS hosting

Speed :

Just like trading servers, VPS servers are also located on the same data, so the execution of orders starts immediately without even one single delay.


During the execution of the order, VPS hosting gives the clients reliability as we know that the speed of the internet plays a critical role when executing the order.

Round the clock trading:

Trading must never be stopped and our customers can trade in the forex market through autonomous modules (experts and advisers), even if their machine is turned off.


We are available on all platforms, offering our customers all the options of operating systems to choose from.


From anywhere in the world clients can log in to their accounts even without installing any software.

VPS tariffs



$15per month
OS Windows Server 2008
CPU 1100 MHz RAM 1024 MB HDD 25 GB


$45per month
OS Windows Server 2008
CPU 2x1100 MHz RAM 4096 MB HDD 100 GB


$30per month
OS Windows Server 2008
CPU 2x1024 MHz RAM 2048 MB HDD 50 GB

VPS hosting from TTS Markets

Our VPS hosting service offers super-fast, free access to trading terminals for customers. The remote server guarantees reliability, efficiency and high-quality technology for the initial Forex trading modules (experts, consultants).


Customers can have seamless access to trading accounts via remote terminal and software installed on stationary computers at the same time.

For the use of VPS hosting, clients must make an initial deposit of USD 500 or their equivalent in another currency. Also no software can be installed independently on remote terminals.

How to find VPS Hosting
To get VPS hosting, please [email protected] submit a request to us or chat live via the contact.

Partners can earn extra money without personal expense.

Please note: Your VPS hosting may be disabled if your trading account does not have a trading activity for an extended time. Access can be restored after the trading has resumed (for this you have to request an application). VPS hosting is primarily intended for trading on TTS Markets servers.

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